Tips on Choosing a Wedding DJ or Band

Selecting your wedding music should be easy.  We all have iPods and understand playlists.  Have an idea of what you want, know what you do not want, and then go to a professional.  That’s it. It is one less thing to worry about.


Before you do anything, you should answer the following questions:


What kind of music do you want at your wedding?


What kind of music would your guest enjoy the most?


Do you prefer live music, or a DJ? Have you though about a mixture of entertainment like a percussionist with a DJ?  Singing during dinner?  Steel drums on cocktail hour?  It’s your day, you decide.


You should book your wedding band or DJ after you reserve your wedding reception venue. Why? If you want to have live music or a DJ for your wedding, you need to make sure it is allowed by the reception venue. You need to make sure you understand the venue’s rules about music before you select your wedding entertainment and then connect your entertainment to your caterer and they will handle the rest.

If you elect to go with a wedding band, be sure to book early. Popular bands are often booked more than one year in advance. Saturdays during the busiest wedding months are especially busy for wedding bands, so you might need to book even more than one year in advance.

Before you book your wedding music provider, you should ask the following questions:

How long have they been in the wedding business?


Do they have any references? (You should always check references and the Wedding Social Directory for Recommended Vendors

Do they play live, continuous music for the entire event?  Most bands take breaks, know how may breaks they will have in a 4 to 5 hour event.  It is simply impossible for them to entertain consecutively through your event, though they may leave a percussionist or guitar player during breaks.  These are things you need to discuss.  How long do they normally play, and how often do they break and for how long?

Make sure the band can play the songs that you want to hear.  THough a band can sing a great song, don’t expect that they can easily sing every song like your beloved performer.

Listen to their demo cd and find their site on line?

If possible for you see one of their performances? There is no substitute for seeing a band in action.

Can you communicate with the band, and do you feel comfortable interacting with them? Are they listening to you; are they enthusiastic? Remember, the band is there to make your party fun, not the other way around. You hire them to play the music you like not the music they like.


How many band members do you get and how many are singers?


Are they insured? You should demand at least liability insurance from the wedding band or DJ.


Put everything important you agree on in writing. The answers to the above questions should all be part of the written contract, which is an absolute must. You should also include the exact time the band starts and ends playing.


If you have to work with a smaller budget, you might want to book a DJ instead of a wedding band since they are typically less expensive than wedding bands. An experienced DJ can create a great atmosphere for your wedding reception; so don’t be disappointed to go with a Dj company because what they lack in band members they make up for with pumping music, kinetic lighting, and professional Emcees.







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