Need to Know Facts for Hiring Live Entertainment

It’s what everyone looks forward to in their lives – the big day, your wedding!  All of your arrangements for your wedding day should be special in every way possible. You should relish in the glory of your wedding reception, which should have the perfect pairing of food, drinks, music and flowers that suits you and your spouse’s desire. Out of all the possible ways to enhance the flow of your party, acquiring a professional DJ service and entertainment provider is key.   Your music, specifically, can give that added edge to your celebration by changing it from just another wedding to ‘The Wedding of the Year’.

If you need to make that extra effort to thrill your guests and yourself on your special day, then do your research when hiring a band or DJ for your wedding.  The following are a few steps to facilitate your search for the perfect music entertainment.


• Decide what type of an atmosphere  you need and want at your wedding.  Are you looking for guests dancing in groups to Rhianna & Pitbull or more of an elegant low key reception filled with Josh Groban or Andre Bocelli ?  It’s simply a question of your own taste and mood.

• See the Long Island Wedding Directory to Search for recommend Vendors.

• Absolutely verify that your wedding band or DJ has insurance.  This should be in the contract.

• Ask the band where they are performing next.  Usually a showcase will offer a meet and greet and possibly a performance by the company. Go check them out!  They should readily give you their  DVDs and websites to view their work.

• Ensure that the band or DJ company receives your play list and understands your expectations

•If your band or DJ is not the house vendor, then the people you hire should be in total contact with the catering hall.  They will ensure that all liability insurance, space needed, noise restrictions, and other requirements are handled.  Remember, every catering hall is different when it comes to outside vendors. Make sure that the final agreement made between all parties is clearly defined in your contract.

• Another important thing to consider is the number of band members.  It is customary if not required to provide dinner to your entertainment crew.  Typically house vendors are charged half the price of a normal dinner.  Since this can be a costly affair for big companies, it may be better to offer a larger gratuity as opposed to providing dinner.

• The emcee or a liaison of the band will work in constant contact with the maitre de to ensure the timing of all courses are precise and with a tempo that keeps your reception flowing.  FYI – you will definitely want to be in direct contact with your maitre de.

• Make sure your music provider knows what music you want for the ceremony, bridal introductions, first dance, cake cutting, father daughter dance, mother son dance, and so on.    These types of details should be discussed before finalizing your contract.

• A quick note about bands.  Bands are composed of people and instruments, DJs use state of the art technology to deliver music.  Bands are going to take breaks more often and their is a definitive difference in the music selections during their break times.  We recommend choose wisely.  You may even decide on a nice mix between a percussionist or wedding singer that plays with a DJ service.

Check the Wedding Social Directory to find Music Entertainment for your Wedding Day.






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